For over ten years I have been working between the nonprofit, corporate, and art sectors as a producer, cinematographer, editor and motion graphics artist. I work one-on-one with artists, musicians, dancers, and non-profits to document and promote their creative and occupational pursuits. As an award-winning media producer, through close relationships with clients, I work to translate information into an aesthetically enriching experience. 

Most recently, as the Assistant Video Producer for Johns Hopkins Medicine (2008-2014) I worked closely with marketing managers, doctors, researchers, and staff in producing award-winning, short-form documentaries and promotional content. I continue to work for the Johns Hopkins through contract work.

My ability to work both independently and collaboratively allows me the plasticity to be an effective producer. It also allows for cost-efficient production due to my experience in script-to-screen production.

Over the last 6 years my projects, both independent and through my work at Johns Hopkins, has garnered over 38 awards including 19 Telly Awards and a Webby Award nomination (2009).

As a dancer and yoga teacher myself, I understand the importance for meaningful engagement with an audience. I trust that my combination of creative interests, continual pursuit of learning, skillful storytelling, and collaborative engagement makes me uniquely qualified to support the vision and outreach goals of organizations and individuals.